The small plot of ground on which you were born cannot be expected to stay forever the same.

Earth changes, and home becomes different places.

… To feel alive, know your own water and hills, but know more.

You have stars in your bones and oceans in blood. You belong to the land and sky of your first cry, you belong to infinity.

Alla Renee Bozarth

Are your days spent struggling to stay afloat, swimming endless laps, or diving for hidden treasure?

Water represents the unconscious, our creative source, our hidden potential.

Psychotherapy invites you to enter the water and explore the depths. You and I will identify where you are struggling, befriend sea monsters and search for pearls of wisdom to carry up to the surface. Together, we will bring the warm light of fresh examination to all that we uncover and release.

Life offers deep satisfaction and joy. If you are hurting, I can help. Call me to set up a one-hour initial session.


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D. Min., Jungian Analyst 

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