Donna has been leading workshops for decades. In particular, she has designed and is available to lead three programs. These seminars are offered in a four-hour introductory format, as a weekend workshop, and in a once-a-week evening arrangement running from four to six weeks.

Fairytales are not just for children

How do the witch and the spellbound princess, the dying king and his three sons play out in your life story? This workshop will show you how to analyze familiar fairy tales and help you discover the tale alive within.  It is appropriate for both therapists and those who have had some psychotherapy.

Why fairytales are important

And now for my next act …

Life presents natural moments of transition: moving to a new city; getting married; the kids are launched; retirement. Every transition awakens new possibilities, openings for growth. Using group discussion, personal reflection and a variety of modes for creative expression, this workshop will help you discover your next opportunity awaiting.

The purpose of this workshop

The art of dream interpretation

Like personal myths designed specifically to address the problems and challenges we face, dreams contain their own deep wisdom and very powerful messages. We learn about ourselves, gain access to our own creative core and grow into our own potential by listening, engaging and responding. Bring your dreams and we will interpret them together.

How to Remember Your Dreams

The Art of Dream Interpretation

Why are dreams important?

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