It touches us that our blood is sea water and our tears are salt, that the seed of our bodies is scarcely different from the same cells in a seaweed, and that the stuff of our bones is like the coral.

The tide rolls in on us, whether we like it or no, and the sands of time keep running their intended course.

We have to go down into the wave’s trough to find ourselves, and then ride her swell until we can see beyond ourselves into our neighbour’s eye.

We shall never leave the harbour if we do not hoist the sail.

We have got to walk the waves as well as solid ground.

Anyone who goes without consciousness of this will remain chained to a rusty anchor.

May the journey find us worthy.

Marni Harmony

Life’s challenges can feel overwhelming. Some days the tearful, watery images of pain and suffering seem to be everywhere. None of us enjoy acknowledging losses or wrestling with internal demons. But sometimes we need to stop struggling and dive into the emotional depths.

Anxiety, depression, addictions and anger mask grief … and untapped potential.

Living is an adventure. Challenges can awaken new perspectives and growth. There is a deep wellspring of potential within each of us.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy offers an imaginative approach to life’s demands. Probing the depths, it reveals the rich treasures hidden within you. It lifts the causes of distress to the surface. It nurtures a sense of well being and a desire to embrace the challenges of living.

If you are ready to dive deep, call to set up a one-hour initial session.


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